Our Story

You’re gonna see that our story {though very extreme} is your story but different. A girl. A guy. Searching for meaning. 

Finding adversity. Refusing to give up. Embracing the unfamiliar. Choosing the awkward. Resting in surrender. Living to tell about it ALL.

What you won’t get here?

We aren’t doctors or theologians. No fancy degrees or pedigree here. We didn’t grow up in picture perfect circumstances. No clean back stories. We aren’t far off in some distant building. We are here. In our modest home in Carrollton, TX. On our laptops and iPads. Fighting the same serious battles with our young ones of “it’s time to put the tablet down.”

We’re like you. Or at least like your cousin or brother or aunt or friend or co-worker. We {also} received devastating news during a time in our life when we should have been building our American dream. We might stumble through grammar or grapple with how to articulate the truth we’ve built our life upon. So if you’re here to be impressed keep scrolling. We are simple people with a powerful story that only a profound God could author. We share our story so that you can keep moving forward in yours.


We want our tiny space in this world to:

Fill you with joy

Joy begins as a feeling. That moment when everything shifts from chaos to it’s all gonna be all right. It beckons us to choose IT from that moment on.

Lead you

We don’t have all the answers. But persevering eight years in this brain cancer world does produce a lot of answers to a lot of questions we know you will ask at some point.

Ground you

A lot of theories are out there. Truth stands alone. You may agree with our truth. Or you may not. Either way you are welcome in this space.

So Why Grit n’ Grin?

Everyday of {this} journey you will have to face two questions.


Do I WANT to keep going?

Your answer is YES? Awesome.

GRIT will lead you.



We’ve chosen GRIN.

GRIN arises from a deep knowledge that it ALL ends GOOD because HE is good.

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